Sunday, 1 January 2017

Welcome Readers of Blogspot Builders

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Hi readers, This is Mohammed Rafi from Blogspot Builder.I thought that before posting about my niche it would be better to start with a description post.

About Author

Mohammed Rafi

                     Hi, I am Mohammed Rafi the man behind this blog.I started blogging 3 years before in Blogspot platform.After 1 year I changed to WordPress.Now I have 2 live blogs in WordPress and this one in Blogger.Apart From Blogging I am doing my B.E in Electronics and Communications.I post about SEO, Template designing and Money Making Methods for blogger.

What Blogspot Builder is about

                  This blog is only for Blogspot bloggers.We post about SEO techniques for Blogspot and customization of blogger templates. In one word this blog will take your blog to next level.Things are not same as before, there is a lot of opportunities for blogspot blogger never like before.Now you can top search engine with your blogspot blogs, we will guide you for it.

Why I startted this blog

                        I started this blog to help blogspot bloggers because blogspot is the biggest blogging platforms inspite of that there is not enough guide for it.So I started this.


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