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Why Blogspot Is Best Blogging Platform For Beginners

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blogspot vs wordpress
With time, blogging has become a full-time profession for many bloggers.20 years ago blogs didn't exist.

Today there are over millions of blog is there in the net.The rapid increase in blogging field and static income is one of the main reason why many of them choose blogging as their career.

Blogspot For Beginners

Reason to avoid Wordpress as a beginner

 The big confusion for every blogger is which blogging platform he should use for his blog.There are tons of articles regarding blogging platform.

Most of them say Wordpress is best.I to agree with them.But the only problem with Wordpress is it is a self-hosted we have to pay for it.

As a beginner, we don't want to inverse in their blog.I have seen many students like me started their blogging in their college days.So we don't have money to inverse on our blog.

Blogspot doesn't require any kind of tech knowledge and it is easy to use whereas, Wordpress require some basic tech knowledge and you may find difficult to customize it as a beginner.

Before investing we have to learn to blog from a very bottom level.When I started blogging I don't even know about SEO, about keywords etc.Now I little bit of it.

I failed three times and this time I came with a new idea and learned a lot of things about blogging.What if I started my blogging career with Wordpress and failed three times, it will be a great loss to me and I never dare to start a blog again.If the same we did with Blogspot there is no loss for us and we can experiment new things without fearing the loss, in Blogspot platform.This is the reason why I recommend you to start with Blogspot.

Top Bloggers who started their blogging  in Blogspot

Most of the top bloggers in India started their blogging career with Blogspot platforms.

Harsh Agarwal From Shout Me Loud Started his blogging journey with Blogspot Platform.Now he is the top most blogger of our country.

Imran Uddin From All Tech Buzz also started his blogging journey from Blogspot platform.

And there are lots of successful bloggers who started their journey with Blogspot.

Advantages Of Blogspot

  • It is free of cost
  • Simple to use and customization is easy
  • Newly Updated Blogger platform is SEO optimized
  • Placing of Adsense Ads is easy
  • Multiple blog accessibility
  • Free blogging templates are available all over the web
  • Fast Loading
  • Free image hosting 
  • CSS available

Disadvantages of Blogspot

  • Not fully SEO optimized while comparing to WordPress
  • Plugins are not available as in WordPress
  • Google owns your blog, they can remove any time they want
  • Full access to your blog is not available
  • Visitors avoids blogs with sub domains


     I am not saying that Blogspot is best blogging platform available for bloggers.I agree bloggers lags behind WordPress in terms of SEO and plugins.I just want to say that if you are a beginner start with Blogspot and afterward move to WordPress.

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